Who we are

We are a couple of J cube consult, ready to provide equipment and catering assistance whenever your radio and food services are giving you a headache.

Why choose us

J cube consult

In-depth guidance 

We offer in-deth guidance for all kinds of media and food services, and we won't leave until you feel comfortable using your technology.

Support & Maintenance 

We ensure support for your existing media gadgets at an affordable price with maintenance and 24/7 support.

What our customers say

John Bergstrand | English Teacher

"These two J cube consult have helped me out several times, and it's always a pleasure."

Sylvia Mané | Accountant 

"They are awesome! Helped me getting set up with my new radio station and sound in no time."

Ruud Martens | Cab Driver

"They are so knowledgable in what they do. I'll definitely return to J cube consult whenever I need media help."